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Archive for June, 2009

Dr. Bob Melamede – Biology of Democracy

Dr. Robert Melamede aka Dr. Bob is a professor specializing in cancer treatment working at the university of Colorado.
In the video below Dr. Bob explains about Endocannabinoids and the difference between BLP’s (Backward Looking People)and FLP’s (Forward Looking People).
His theory on Endocannabinoids and how they influence everything is interesting. Have a look for yourself as [...]
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Cannabis seeds. Start to growing

cannabis seeds

cannabis seeds

The best way to get seeds is from a friend who has grown a type of plant that you enjoyed to smoke. This, by far, is the best way because, (1) You will get the seeds for free and (2) you know what the high type will be because you have already tasted it.
The next best way is the Internet. The Internet is full of seedbanks that wish to sell you seeds, but there are a few problems that you may encounter. The first problem is that some of these seed-banks will rip you off. The second is that some of these seed-banks do not shipworldwide. The third is that some of these seed-banks misrepresent
their stock. The fourth is that seeds can be very expensive. Some seedbanks sell seeds anywhere between (US Dollars = $, UK Sterling = ?) $80/?70 and $300/?290 for 10 – 16 seeds. There are rip-off artists out there, but then again some of these seeds are worth the money because the strain is excellent in vigor and production. So how do we choose our seed-bank and how do we really know what seeds to pick?
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Top Anti-Drug Researcher says Legalize Marijuana

One of the world’s foremost lung health experts says it’s time to legalize marijuana.
Dr. Donald Tashkin, expert on marijuana and lung health, has called for the legalization of marijuana.Dr. Donald Tashkin, expert on marijuana and lung health, has called for the legalization of marijuana.For 30 years, Donald Tashkin has studied the effects of marijuana on [...]
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Medical marijuana dispensaries could face closure

The Bulldog Cafe CollectiveWith hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles operating in violation of a moratorium, the City Council will start the process of shutting some down Tuesday by voting on exemption requests filed by 16 dispensaries.

Most, if not all, of the requests probably will be denied because the dispensaries did not register with the city by the moratorium’s deadline in 2007. A denial would allow the city to take legal steps to force them to close. Read the rest of this entry »

Fired officer gets his job back

Source: seattlepi.com by: Eric Nalder

A Mountlake Terrace police sergeant who was fired in part for alleged dishonesty has gotten his job back and an $812,500 settlement from his department, Snohomish County and the city of Lynnwood.
Jonathan Wender’s battle to clear his name centered on allegations that police internal investigators and the prosecutor’s office targeted him [...]
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Signs & Symptoms of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

drug alcohol abuse

That’s really what it is about, isn’t it? How do I know whether I, or someone I care about, have a drug or alcohol problem? What are the signs and symptoms?

If you are wondering whether you or someone else has a drug or alcohol problem, the probability is HIGH that there is, in fact, a problem. Generally, we don’t wonder whether someone has a “problem” if there is not a problem. The rest of the signs and symptoms might help you quit “wondering” and take action: Read the rest of this entry »

Growing Cannabis

The purpose of this post is to explain a few simple things that you must know to grow cannabis. We don’t pretend to be exhaustive, we wanna just avoid to the novices (and there are a lot) the most common errors. After all, our success depends by yours. If you have already grown cannabis before, and had success, you can still read this page but its utility will be limited. If you are an expert, please understand that we have to compress information in one page, and this means that sometime the accuracy had to become simplicity. Read the rest of this entry »